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Meet Cheryl



Personal Development & Business Coach/Motivational Speaker/Entrepreneur/Philanthropist

Personal Development Coach – I Came Out Of It…

Owner/Operator of Kids Retreat, LLC

Founder of Kids Retreat Family Corporation Nonprofit


“I CAME OUT OF IT” From VICTIM to being VICTORIOUS through all the challenges that life presented me. After years of suffering in silence, sex trafficking, prostitution, brutal rape, suicide attempts, and multiple addictions, I finally set myself free and gave myself the opportunity to live the life I wanted on my own terms.

My mission is to help motivate, empower and inspire individuals to achieve their full potential, create a healthy living environment for themselves and their families free of stress, depression, drugs, alcohol, and abuse, and to assist them in gaining balance and serenity back into their lives. Our goal is to help them use their experiences to then help others.

Cheryl is an Entrepreneur, Life Transformation & Business Coach, and Motivational Speaker on a mission to change the lives of individuals by motivating and empowering them through her own life experiences and to giving them the tools for transformational change.

Cheryl’s message and speaking stem from her own life experience entitled “I Came Out Of It..” For years Cheryl suffered in silence from childhood trauma, physical & emotional abuse, self-sabotage, sex trafficking, prostitution, a brutal rape, several suicide attempts, and multiple drug addictions.

She believes that you find yourself through the storms of life, and you have to change your thinking and mindset to be able to get back up and start moving forward on the path you were purposed and destined to take.

Cheryl is a successful entrepreneur, who runs a childcare business, Kids Retreat, LLC, and Kids Retreat Family Nonprofit Corporation. Her business inspiration came from her childhood experiences and needing a safe place to land. She creates that space for children and individuals through the childcare program and nonprofit while providing coaching, mentoring, and transformation for her clients through "I Came Out Of It..."


Cheryl's background is in business. She decided to leave the business world as a Call Center Supervisor and follow her dream of creating a space where children could come to learn in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Her vision was to start an affordable childcare home where children could learn and grow in a safe environment. Kids Retreat Family Childcare branched out in 2019 to Kids Retreat Family Corporation, a Nonprofit that serves her community in Indianapolis, IN.


Cheryl wanted to go further and use her childhood and life experiences to help others on their journey.

Cheryl is now a Certified Life & Business Coach,  Motivational Speaker - "I Came Out Of It...", Author of the "Out of it" Chapter in the book "Alive to Thrive, has a Child Development Associate Credential, is a Licensed Childcare Provider - Kids Retreat, Founder of Kids Retreat Family Nonprofit and has demonstrated her leadership in business with numerous business certificates. Check us out at:





I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to help others and the community. Let's connect!!


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